Manav Rachna International School, Sector-51, Gurgaon
1st Prize S-017/B-512
Jhara Gandhi

2nd Prize S-017/B-513
Sri Yoshitha

3rd Prize S-017/B-525
Jaitra Joshi

1st Prize S-017/C-430

2nd Prize S-017/C-431
Advika Bhatnagar

3rd Prize S-017/C-437

Nelambar Art School, Agartala
1st Prize H-015/A-305
Debasmita Das

2nd Prize H-015/A-303
Somya Jyoti Deb

3rd Prize H-015/A-293
Nandini Chakraborty

1st Prize H-015/B-646
Arpita Banik

2nd Prize H-015/B-636
Arghadeep Paul

3rd Prize H-015/B-648
Protibhas Deb

1st Prize H-015/C-597
Indrani Sarkar

2nd Prize H-015/C-600
Sazada Begam

3rd Prize H-015/C-613
Minakshi Shaha

Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, New Delhi
3rd Prize S-059/A-21
Mahika Batra

1st Prize S-059/A-79
Parishi Jain

2nd Prize S-059/A-38
Devaryan Jain

1st Prize S-059/B-51
Kabir Gupta

2nd Prize S-059/B-23
Madhav Garg

3rd Prize S-059/B-39
Vikrant Gupta

1st Prize S-059/C-34
Kaahiya Singh

2nd Prize S-059/C-85
Dhruv Rohilla

3rd Prize S-059/C-108
Aadi Chawla

1st Prize S-059/D-44
Gauri Chandra

2nd Prize S-059/D-45
Kamakshi Gupta

3rd Prize S-059/D-21
Sarah Kamran Ejaz

Shantiniketan Public School, Gurgaon
1st Prize S-007/B-446
Ridhima Yadav

2nd Prize S-007/B-452

3rd Prize S-007/B-458

Shefali's Art Classes, Mumbai
1st Prize H-006/B-439
Aliyeh Hussaini

2nd Prize H-006/B-415
Prisha Patel

3rd Prize H-006/B-414
Sameera Vyas

1st Prize H-006/C-281
Aryaa Goenka

2nd Prize H-006/C-260
Kushal Patel

3rd Prize H-006/C-263
Aarsyhya Modi

1st Prize H-006/D-149
Anika Sehgal

2nd Prize H-006/D-142

3rd Prize H-006/D-152
Thea Dhanki

Vidya Niketan Public School, Gurgaon
1st Prize S-002/C-300

2nd Prize S-002/C-306

3rd Prize S-002/C-314

1st Prize S-002/E-42

2nd Prize S-002/E-54
Sheetal Vats

3rd Prize S-002/E-46
Varun Sharma

1st Prize S-002/F-35

2nd Prize S-002/F-34

3rd Prize S-002/F-33

Billabong High International School, Noida

1st Prize S-102/B-197
Shubh Bhandari

2nd Prize S-102/B-203
Arihan Sharma

3rd Prize S-102/B-208

1st Prize S-102/C-180
Riya Titus

2nd Prize S-102/C-183
Kyra Chhatpar

3rd Prize S-102/C-175

1st Prize S-102/D-106
Shrianshi Dhingra

2nd Prize S-102/D-114
Ovi Patankar Basu

3rd Prize S-102/D-113
Prerna Sharma

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidhyalayam, Chennai
1st Prize S-014/C-380

2nd Prize S-014/C-338
Kamla Lydia

3rd Prize S-014/C-381
Kavya R

1st Prize S-079/B-540
Kaustav Avighna

2nd Prize S-079/B-530
Ryan Sampley

Chitkara International School, Chandigarh
3rd Prize S-079/B-534
Brahmjot Kaur

1st Prize S-079/C-444
Aishi Gupta

2nd Prize S-079/C-451
Anika Kaushik

3rd Prize S-079/C-445

Delhi International School, Rohini, New Delhi
1st Prize S-106/A-178
Neerav Dureja

2nd Prize S-106/A-164

3rd Prize S-106/A-123
Navyam Jain

1st Prize S-106/B-286
Vihaan Goyal

2nd Prize S-106/B-253
Shaurya Bhutani

3rd Prize S-106/B-244
Dhruvi Goyal

G D Goenka International School, Surat
1st Prize S-001/A-102
Mohd. Fahad Wadiwala

2nd Prize S-001/A-98
Anika Batra

3rd Prize S-001/A-96
Jai Patel

1st Prize S-001/B-168
Rudra M. Siroya

2nd Prize S-001/B-159
Raghav Jhunjhunwala

3rd Prize S-001/B-165
Savya Somani

1st Prize S-001/C-134
Nyesha Agarwal

2nd Prize S-001/C-137
Tanisha Agarwal

3rd Prize S-001/C-136
Siddhi Purohit

1st Prize S-001/D-78
Surleen Kaur Khalsa

2nd Prize S-001/D-82
Radhika Khanna

3rd Prize S-001/D-96
Kaustubh Makwana

Ignited Minds, Delhi
1st Prize H-061/B-498

2nd Prize H-061/B-494
Ygansh Arora

3rd Prize H-061/B-502
Dhairya Jain

1st Prize H-061/C-589
Raamaansh Gupta

2nd Prize H-061/C-406
Simran Parmar

3rd Prize H-061/C-420
Mishti Gupta

iLeap Academy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
1st Prize H-001/B-467
Mahi Jain

2nd Prize H-001/B-464
Vedant Mohit Mehra

3rd Prize H-001/B-471
Aarna Karun

Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon

1st Prize S-004/B-333
Nandini Sharma

2nd Prize S-004/B-332
Ryan Sharma

3rd Prize S-004/B-323
Maira Tondon

1st Prize S-004/C-222
Ojal Baswani

2nd Prize S-004/C-211
Anisha Gupta

3rd Prize S-004/C-230
Tuli Banerjee

ARTINFOINDIA.COM extends its gratitude to your Institute for valuable contribution of ARTWORKS. This overwhelming response has given us great encouragement in the field of ART and love for Nature

ARTINFOINDIA.COM is delighted to announce the School Level Prizes (If School participates with 25 Paintings in a particular Category/Group) for Lotus - The National Flower, 4rd All India Art Competition for School Children​

School Level Prizes Lotus 2015