A Note from the Jury

It's true that art appreciation is highly subjective, but the aim of evaluating a painting is not simply to ascertain whether we like or dislike a painting, but WHY we like or dislike it.

The entries for the 3rd edition of National Art Competition for school children titled “Peacock-The National Bird”, 
organized by ARTINFOINDIA.COM, largely fulfill the competition's requirements.

The Peacock- National Art Competition for school children brings together more than 2000 budding artists of various 
academic groups from different states of India. In creating figurative art focused on the Peacock, majority of the 
budding artists continue a rich tradition while simultaneously exploring new and exciting directions. Many works from 
Group C and D are detailed studies of the lines and some create richly compelling abstractions and watercolors 
capture the Peacock in quick, saturated shapes, forming the figure in bold wet brushstrokes. Group A and B uses 
comical subject matter to confront the notions of beauty in the Peacock. In Group E and F, the artists turn the focus on 
spreading the message of unity in diversity among the citizens of India through colours.

While judging, we kept five characteristics in mind:
2.Skill and technique 
3.Inherent meaning
4.Uniqueness and
5.Fulfilled intent.

While looking at the paintings/drawing/art works submitted by school children, it was quite tough to decide the 
winners, as the entries not only visually appealing but convey the feelings of budding artists.
Knowing the difference between good and bad art can be difficult. As the jury was primarily made up of 7 artists, so, 
we were looking for cutting edge, new, different, innovative and well-crafted works. Also the subject matter has been 
both, classic and modern, academic and expressive.

After all, assessment of a painting/drawing produced by a 6-year old child is likely to be quite different from a similar 
drawing by a 40-year old artist.

We congratulate the winners and their parents/school heads and art teachers. Best wishes to all the participants.

Thank you.

Peacock The National Bird 2014