The Importance of Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the most popular and easily recognized groups of insects and they are found in many colors and sizes. Worldwide, there are more than 28,000 species of butterflies. Second only to bees, butterflies are the most important insects in our habitat. And they're a crucial indicator of the health of any ecosystem. Butterflies are important pollinators they play a big role in pollinating flowers that open during the day. Butterflies tend to favor big, colorful flowers that have a landing platform (labellum) and gather pollen on their long, thin legs as they sip nectar from a flower. They are also good indicators of the ecological quality of a habitat, as they are important components of the food chain, particularly as larvae.Butterflies have annual life cycles (transforming from egg to adult in a year), requiring that the same conditions be present every year for new eggs to mature. That makes butterflies especially sensitive to climate change, such as pollution and habitat loss, and causes them to be more responsive than birds, plants and other species with longer life cycles. Therefore, an abundance of butterflies usually indicates a healthier ecosystem.Many butterfly species, like the Monarch and the Painted Lady, migrate over long distances as many as 3,000 miles. These migrations allow for pollination across long distances and have increased human interest in the species.Butterflies can provide a rich source of food to predators such as birds or mice. Some butterfly species, like the Monarch, carry toxins that serve as a defense mechanism and are dangerous for some predators to ingest.The main threat to butterflies is the destruction and loss of their habitats. The canalization of riparian areas, draining of wetlands, lowering of water levels, growth of cities, and expansion of agriculture all contribute to this habitat loss. Widespread use of pesticides may also threaten healthy butterfly populations. In short, butterflies are benign, aesthetically pleasing, faunal members.

Titlee-The Butterfly 2013

ARTINFOINDIA.COM’s TITLEE-The Butterfly 2013 is 2nd All India Art Competition for School Children to highlight the environmental issues through paintings and drawings. This is a one of its kind opportunity to discover the latent talent of budding and upcoming generation through their sincere and creative thoughts about environment.
Our sole aim is to sensitize/motivate/educate young and budding children through art towards the importance of eco-system we live in.

Theme : TITLEE-The Butterfly 
Medium : Drawing, Painting, Collage or Mix Media